I shop

by dream

I long for something 
soft and warm
practical and pastel

I shop

by colors

My choice for 
this year
my style

I shop

by styles

We need somethink 
funny and retro

I shop

by weather

I need something 
warm and breathable

I shop

by make-up

I love 
red lipstick and purple shadows

I shop

by material

I'm looking 
honest flannel and genuine leather

I shop

by music

something that has 
rhythm and harmony

I shop

by make-up

I love 
bloody lipstick and dark shadows

We use AI to understand the content and context of a product images, customer behaviour tracking tools to see how they interact and business metrics to create the personalised content for each of the customers in every part of journey.

Because we know that AI can improve the shopping experience!


Knowledge of psychology has allowed us to identify important factors with an impact on shopping behavior, conversions and shopping experience. The space of psychology in the future offers a large field of application of artificial intelligence for better understanding and adaptation of technology to human behavior.


The phenomenon of overchoice occurs when many equivalent choices are available. Making a decision becomes overwhelming due to the many potential outcomes and risks that may result to making the wrong choice. Having too many approximately equally good options is mentally draining because each option must be weighed against alternatives to select the best one.

Reducing the number of elections can help the decision
Shortening the purchasing process will also reduce the likelihood of interruption

Attention span

Attention span is the amount of time spent concentrating on a task before becoming distracted. Distractibility occurs when attention is uncontrollably diverted to another activity or sensation. Most educators and psychologists agree that the ability to focus and sustain attention is crucial for a person to achieve their goals.

Excessive choices, a lot of disruption, and the struggle for customer attention leads to frequent loss of attention. The result is frustration at the inability to fulfill ambition.

Customer frustration must not be associated with your brand. Especially if you want to build a love brand 🙂

Help your customers shorten the path to the goal and get rid of unnecessary decisions. Exchange frustration for the joy of a great result in the form of a great purchase.

Purchase conversion is the answer to the desires and needs of the customer

You can answer correctly and faster than ever! With a solutions from instyle…

Pages per Visit
Churn rate
Time on site
Product recommender clicks
Conversion rate

Style it...

This is art and an inspiration.
Make shoppers dreams come true and let them feel an amazing feeling, absolutely love how inspiring and motivating and relatable your stylish outfits are.
  • Excites shoppers with nice stylish outfit ideas, for every occasion.
  • Build a lookbook on how to dress when it's rain or cold , putting it all together into a cohesive outfit, or... Late date? Sunny mood?
  • Show the latests trendish outfits - if it looks acceptable to do in public, you are not doing it right honey.
Reducing the number of elections can help the decision

Smart Swap / Similarity

There are many ways to inspire shoppers to buy. Up-sell stylish pieces is one of the most successful selling techniques.
  • Small details may discourage shoppers from purchasing. Show them an alternative exactly according to their taste.
  • Get her the cardigan of her dreams at a right price and highest margin.
  • Shorten the customer journey to the dream product using smart navigation on each product detail page.

Shop by colors

Color me beautiful
Colors can make our day playful but also conservative. Colors can highlight what we want to show and obscure what we want to hide. Mix the color into shoppers’ wardrobes
  • Color filters for endless outfit combinations.
  • Let shoppers filter products by either "Tints", "Tones", "Shades" or "Pure Hues".
  • Color-blind shoppers need every piece of information that can help them figure out the true color of products. Do this with a text label for each product.
Reducing the number of elections can help the decision
Reducing the number of elections can help the decision

Digital fashion

Be dare to explore the new frontier of imagination and technology.
Break down last barriers between physical and digital space in shopping. Pure joy from visual exploration and sensation. Help fashion to be more sustainable.
  • Your shoppers can play role of digital model themself and try each piece of garment from catalogue instantly Organize your own catwalk show with help from digital models. Do it with every new collection.
  • Fully leverage potential and growth of digital influencer. We allow easy sharing of the visual sensation and uniqueness of your brand.
  • Avoid wrongly selected orders, which are now resulting from limited visual understanding. Increase customer satisfaction.

Seamlessly integrate

Enjoy the benefit of two-way feed sync so you can start using our service instantly or
you can integrate our highly customized services, at any scale, with the help of our documentation and API service

Seamlessly integrate

Enjoy the benefit of two-way feed sync so you can start using our service instantly or
you can integrate our highly customized services, at any scale, with the help of our documentation and API service


We’re a close-knit team motivated by curiosity and a passion for meeting real-world needs.


Samuel Kimlicka

Founder & CEO

Samuel drives the overall direction of the company from new market growth through to product direction. Actually he somehow becomes the style advisor for all his friends.


Andrej Hostovecky

Pure math expert

His expertise is in creating algorithms to solve challenging problems. Something like … is this purple or magenta color shirt ? He owns 11 headphones.


Martin Balaz

Computer vision engineer

When he’s not busy training some mystical AI model, you can find him cycling through the country or chasing one of his kids.


Matus Stehlik

Deep Deep learning engineer

Most recently, he builts deep models for scoring styles of outfits and helped scale up the company’s cloud computing infrastructure. Junior by age, senior by experience.

Get and try to serve customers more accurately and faster

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